This is a historical examination of life, works, characterization of Muhammad ibn Murtaza Feyz al-KâshânI as an introduction to some of his viewpoints. Theoretical viewpoints on “Self-accounting” and “Self-supervision” in his book al-Malyijia alBay which is written as a complimentary work to Ihya al- ‘Ulzum by GhazâlI, are studied. This is a comparative study of views of Fayçl and GhazâlI on the subject as are found in their books al-Mahajja a al-Bayza. Self-accounting and self-supervision are two main Islamic ethical terminologies that enjoy a philosophical and traditional Islamic background. Fayçl as a philosopher and a moral sage of School of Isfahân, medieval ages. The resources of GhazâlI and Fayz and a case study of the differences between Fayz in his book Maiajjah a?- Bay za’ and Ghazâli in his book Ihya’‘Ulzum al-Din are also covered.
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